Passion for our land

Our privileged situation, our commitment to the environment and our efforts to improve our grape juice concentrates quality convert JULIAN SOLER into a unique company.

Moreover, we try hard to keep a tight and reliable relationship with clients and suppliers, what makes us a great family.



Our premises are located in Castilla-La Mancha, the greatest vineyard region in the world.
This privileged situation assures our raw material supply, white and red grapes with optimum quality for the production of concentrated grape juice.


Our productive process is 100% environment friendly. We use clean and renewable energy such as solar energy and biomass.
Besides, we recycle our waste materials and we have an exclusive waste water purification plant.

Raw material

Due to our excellent location, we can produce a wide range of native grapes such as Bobal and Garnacha Tintorera for the production of high coloured concentrated red juice. For the production of white concentrated grape juices we have the Airen variety, which gives our concentrated must a beautiful pale colour.



From the vineyard to your table

Our production process is unique and it is designed with the best quality and food safety guarantee.

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Grape growing and harvesting

The quality of our product begins in the vineyard where the grapes are harvested at the time of optimum ripeness.

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Laboratory control

The harvested grapes are immediately taken to our inner laboratory to carry out their analysis and classification.

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Direct unloading

The grapes are directly unloaded into our premises to ensure full traceability at source.

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By processing the grapes, we obtain the free-run juice which is stored in stainless steel tanks AISI 316.

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The grape juice is processed through evaporation under vaccum from which we get 65/680 Brix.

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Refrigerated storage

The quality of our concentrated juice remains intact thanks to our store room preservation.

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Our concentrates can be stored in standard drums and/or in aseptic drums. They can also be delivered in bulk.

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Our products can be shipped by air, ground or sea. We provide refrigerated storage until shipment is due.



Whenever you like wherever you like

Due to our great experience in exportation, we can meet the deadlines anywhere in the world.

Our family run business and the commitment with our clientes, builds a close and trusting relationship.




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